ourcircletime.com – Guest Article

Ourcircletime.com The following information has been provided directly from Ourcircletime.com. Please read on to find out what TeacherTown thinks. I created ourcircletime.com while my children were very young as a way to educate and entertain without the use of cartoons or other overwhelming stimuli. Do not get me wrong, my […]



What is Booktrack classroom? Booktrack is transforming reading the way sound transformed silent film – well that’s what they say! Booktrack offers a new content creation and distribution platform that turns reading into an immersive movie-like experience. Booktrack’s patented technology lets anyone add a synchronized movie-style soundtrack to an e-book or […]

TeacherTown update! 

This is the first post in a long time as many things have changed in my current life! The first major change is the fact that I now have a little girl! She is called Eloise and is now 4 months old. As you can imagine this is a huge […]


Miss NQT – 3 Weeks in.

Three Weeks into my NQT Year Three weeks in and it feels like I haven’t stopped to breathe. The weekends just feel like an extension of the week. I’ve promised my family/friends/boyfriend (i.e. anyone who is burdened with hearing about school 24/7) to avoid anything teacher-related on a Saturday: work, […]


  About the Author! After graduating from Computing, Chris Thomas embarked upon his teacher training, completing the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2006. He has always been passionate about the use of computing in schools and has featured in a number of Teachers TV programmes on this subject.! ! Now, having […]


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Farm to Fork Online Field Trips – Guest Article

Farm to Fork Online Field Trips on Teacher Town  “Visit farms and factories without leaving your classroom” Email contact: team@eathappyproject.com Website: http://tesco.com/eathappyproject     Join a Farm to Fork Online Field Trip and your class can visit a factory floor, board a fishing boat or stand in a muddy field […]

The Last Summer

  The Last Summer By Miss NQT Of course this isn’t really my last summer – there’ll be plenty more 6 week stretches ahead of me, provided I stay in the job. But if you’re anything like me and have spent the last 18 years of your life in education […]


Clifton EMAG Ltd


So where did it all come from?     If you look through the www.cliftonemag.co.uk web site you’ll see that the product comes from an Education Action Zone team based in Rotherham, South Yorks.  They are were a team made up of Teachers and self confessed ‘geeks’ who supported (and […]

Digital Mysteries – Reflective Thinking

The Royal seal of approval Digital Mysteries was developed by Reflective Thinking following years of research at Newcastle University into how computers support collaborative learning. It’s actually based on a popular paper-based tool called ‘Mysteries’; adding to and enhancing the existing benefits of the resource.   The software caters for […]

Interactive Whiteboard Work


Apps in the classroom – A Guide from Apple

Using iOS apps for teaching and learning Click here for the document I was recently browsing through Twitter as I often do in the evenings and I stumbled across this document.  Now judging by the hyperlink this is actually a guide straight from Apple themselves.  This I found quite strange […]